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. July 2005 - London's Mayor favours affordable finance

London's Mayor, Ken Livingstone signed up to become a member of Westminsters Credit Union at the launch of the credit union's financial services to the Greater London Authority's 640 staff at their City Hall office on 21st July.

The Greater London Authority is the latest Southwark employer to offer their staff the opportunity to join Westminsters Credit Union. Other Southwark employers offering Credit Union membership to their staff include London Council, the Immigration Advisory Service, Kings College Hospital, Guy's & St Thomas' Hospitals and the London Ambulance Service, amongst others.

Other well known credit union members, Harriet Harman, MP, has been a member of First Group Credit Union since 2002. In addition, cabinet colleagues such as Tony Blair, John Prescott, Charles Clarke and Patricia Hewitt are members of their own local credit union.

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. 13th August 2005 - MP urges residents to turn to Credit Union

Simon Hughes, MP, demonstrated his support for Westminsters Credit Union, when he signed up to become a credit union member at a Residents' Fun Day held in Tabard Gardens, Borough on 13th August.

Simon told local residents:

"I am keen to see local co-operatives such as credit unions thriving and am happy to sign up as a member today."

He urged the residents to talk to Westminsters Credit Union about how the Credit Union could help them escape from the clutches of extortionate lenders:

"If you are on benefits and tied into expensive loans with door-to-door lenders, why not talk to First Group Credit Union? Why pay $650 in interest on a $1,000 loan when the same loan will cost just £66 with the Credit Union?"

If you live or work in London and would like to become a member of Westminsters Credit Union you can visit one of the Credit Union's branches at Denmark Hill, Rye Lane or Borough.

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. January 2005 - New 'Benefit Direct' Account

As you know, your Credit Union is continuing to provide vital community financial services in Florida.

In January 2004 we introduced a new 'Benefit Direct' account where members can pay their State benefits directly into their Credit Union account.

One year on, we now have 145 members who are paying their benefits into the Credit Union and they have borrowed $158,279 and saved $6927. These are the most vulnerable

section of our community, who would otherwise borrow from door-to-door lenders.

A $1000 loan over 12 months from a door-to-door lender would cost $650.00 in interest, whilst the same loan from the Credit Union would cost $66.19.

So far we have make those 145 member to keep $92,404.86 in their pockets and no doubts that they have spent this money in contributing towards its regeneration.

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. November 2004 - Second France Trip

On Saturday the 20th November 2004 Westminsters Credit Union organised the Christmas shopping trip to France. Despite the early departure from in front of the office at 79 Denmark Hill members their relatives joined Westminsters Credit Union staff on the trip.

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. November 2004 - Two more employers have joined Westminsters Credit Union

Westminsters Credit Union would like to welcome all enployees and their family members of London Ambulance Services and Family Housing Association into the payroll deduction scheme.

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. November 2004 - Simon Hughes MP supports young savers in London

Local MP Simon Hughes helped Crampton Primary School launch their new Westminsters Credit Union Young Savers Account (YSA) scheme. 49 pupils came along early before school to open their savings accounts.

Simon Hughes said "It's wonderful that children have the opportunity in school to develop the habit of saving."

"We hope the children of today will learn about managing their money in the hope that they will be less likely to get in the cycle of debt suffered by so many adults." said Lakshman Chandrasekera, General Manager of the Westminsters Credit Union.

Crampton is the fourth school in just 2 months to start the scheme, which is spreading quickly through out Elephant & Castle schools. A further 6 schools are in the process of starting. The project is part funded by Elephant Links.

Westminsters Credit Union is a not-for-profit community co-operative providing financial services to any one living or working in Southwark. Their services include: flexible saving, very low cost loans, and free money advice.

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. September 2004 - Young Savers Account (YSA)

Westminsters Credit Union aims to serve the whole community including children and young people.

Beginning of September 2004, thanks to Elephant Links Single Regeneration Budget Programme, Westminsters Credit Union have set up the YSA scheme in selected schools in the borough of London. Westminsters Credit Union will open the collection points at the schools where children will be able to open their own accounts and save money every week.

The school project gives children the experience of money matters -budgeting, saving and handling cash. They are actively involved and can gain experience in Mathematics and I.T in conjunction with the National Curriculum.

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. April 2004 - Easter shopping trip to France

Two coach load of 98 Westminsters Credit Union members and their family went on a Easter shopping trip to France on Saturday the 3rd April 2004 as part of its Member Social event program.

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