Current Account
..First Group Credit Union Current Account (WCUCA)
. If you already have a bank account and are not happy because...

Your account is constantly overdrawn and you can't see a way out
You pay hefty bank charges month in and month out and want to put a stop to it
Your bank account doesn't allow you to pay bills using Direct Debit or Standing Orders
You would like to be able to pay your credit union loan into the Credit Union Current Account and spend it as and when you want, using Visa Debit
You would like a more honest and ethical way to manage your finances
You want to pay all your bills, but DON'T WANT TO pay $200 to $350 per item if you go even a little overdrawn
..then talk to us - the new Credit Union Current Account could be just what you are looking for.

There is a charge of £0.95 pence per week to cover the cost

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. If you don't have a current account...

Have your benefits, wages, salary or pension paid straight into your Credit Union Current Account
Access your money via the Link ATM facility
Use it to get your money from over 30,000 Link cash machines all over the country
Use it to pay for goods or services anywhere displaying VISA Debit sign
Use to get cash from your account at many supermarkets and other shops that display the VISA Debit sign
Have your credit union loan paid directly into this account
Transfer your credit union savings for easy access
Use your card to take advantage of good deals on the internet
Pay your bills via Direct Debit / Standing Orders and receive discounts
No hidden charges
No overdraft or cheque books (to ensure that you keep control of your income and expenses)
Restore or increase your credit rating

There is a charge of 0.95 pence per week to cover the cost

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. How could I open a Credit Union Current Account?

If you are already a member please download the application form, print it and then complete it fully, bring it to one of our branch offices with the relevant identity. However if you are not a member please become a member first and then open the current account.Visit us at your closest branch office with the relevant identity

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. How much will it cost?

..Item ..Our Charge

Weekly Account Charge


Copy Statement


Additional Statement -
at intervals less than once a quarter


Lost card replacement charge


Non Sterling cheque deposits
0.25% of cheque value


Min $8 - Max $60

Cash Withdrawals at non Link ATMs

2% of withdrawal value
or $2 whichever is the greater

Foreign Transaction Fee

2.75% of transaction value

Unpaid Items
(Returned Direct Debit etc.)


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How much will it cost?


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