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.No hidden costs but you must have at least bronze account with us.

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Truth-in-lending, with no hidden cost, no arrangement fee and no early repayment penalties, is our policy but you must make sure you are at least a bronze account holder.

We offer a number of loan products suitable for everyone.

. Compare the cost of borrowing

Typical interest rate (APR)
Monthly repayment
Total interest
Saving on interest
Door to door lenders

Typical example of £1000 loan borrowed over 12 months

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.CFirst Group Credit Union - Typical loan products


By law (Credit Union Act 1979), the maximum interest rate that a credit union can charge its members for a loan is 2% per month or 26.8% APR.

Interest rate

FGCUB Economy

From £100 to

26.8% APR
Up to 18 months
FGCUB Premier

£801 to £3000

13.7% APR
Up to 36 months

All our loans are subject to our Loan Policy and Terms and Conditions. Interest rate is based on the type of loan being offered.

FGCUB payday loan
Typical payday loan

Loan amount


Number of days


Interest rate


Interest charges


Optional same day payment



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. Financial health check


Whatever the situation with your finances, it’s good to know where you stand and that you are making the most of what you have. The health check, a new online money adviser from the Money Advice Service, is for everyone.

The Money Advice Service is an independent advice organisation, here to help everyone understand and manage their money better.

Taking just 10 minutes to answer some straightforward questions on the health check will give you a personalised action plan to help you sort out your money priorities now, and plan for the future – whatever your goals may be.

Best of all - it’s free and it’s unbiased.

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. Debt test

Loans, credit cards, mortgage payments, bills - are you worried about your finances?

The Debt Test will help you to find out whether you have - or are likely to have problems with your borrowings.

-tell you whether you should worry about how much you borrow;
-give you tips on how to avoid debt problems; and
-help you to tackle your debts should you be in trouble.

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. Borrowing money

Borrowing money, when done responsibly, can help build or restore a credit rating, make necessary purchases, return to school or create economic opportunity.

We have developed a number of loan products and financial programs to provide access to credit for Southwark, Lambeth or Westminsters residents.

Anyone in receipt of benefits knows how hard it is to get help with a loan from most lenders - apart from loan sharks or door-to-door lenders who charge exorbitant interest.

Westminsters Credit Union is able to offer safe low cost loans to their members who are on qualifying benefits as well as those who are in employment.

Benefits can be paid into the Credit Union, we will deduct the agreed loan repayment plus a small amount for savings, and you can withdraw the rest.

Mail the completed form back to us: customercaservice@westminstersgroups.com

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No hidden costs
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Typical loan products
Financial health check
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